Steps to Earn a CIW Certification

Receiving Your Certificate

CIW Web Professional Certificate Sample Image

After taking a CIW exam at VUE your registration information and pass/fail results are sent to the CIW Candidate Information Center.

Once your information is entered, your exam results will be analyzed for a passing score. Next, CIW verifies passing scores on any other exams required for a CIW certification award. After you fulfill all criteria, CIW confirms your CIW certification by e-mail with an official CIW certificate in PDF form. There is no need to contact program to request your certificate. It will be automatically sent to you upon your fulfillment of all specified requirements.

Not Yet Received Your Certificate?

If it has been more than eight weeks since you completed the requirements for your CIW certification (including signing your CIW Certification Agreement), and you have not received your certificate, the e-mail address we received from VUE may be incorrect.

  1. Please login to the CIW Candidate Information Center.
  2. Verify your address. If your email address was incorrect, please update it.
  3. Notify the CIW certification department that you have updated your email and are requesting a replacement certificate by opening a new Incident Report within the system.

Your Contact Information

It is very important that the contact information you provide at exam registration time is accurate. Your contact information is how the CIW program will contact you in order to provide certification information and issue certificates.