CIW Career Center

At CIW Career Academy, your career is our focus. Once you have earned all your certifications, CIW provides you with job placement assistance, career counseling and continuing education—all for the lifetime of your career*.

Upon completion of your CIW certifications, a CIW Career Counselor will meet with you via phone or video conference to discuss career options. The placement counselor will then connect you with the available jobs that are in line with your skills, education and professional career goals.

In order to assist you with career advancement, a CIW Career Counselor will work with you periodically to develop additional goals and implement a plan to keep your career moving forward. Job placement assistance and career counseling are available to you for your entire career.

Nothing is more important than staying current with technology. CIW Career Academy provides you with a mini-certification course each year to help you stay current with new technologies as they develop.

*Job placement assistance is available to U.S. students only.