Why CIW?


Whether you are an experienced Web professional looking for advancement opportunities or just starting out in a career in Web technologies, CIW professional certifications will help you reach your goals.

Having issued more than 160,000 professional certifications and trained more than 1 million students and professionals worldwide, CIW offers the world's fastest growing vendor-neutral Web technology education and certification programs for students and professionals.

More than a certification or a curriculum publisher, CIW has become the educational standard adopted by thousands of universities, colleges, high schools, businesses and governments worldwide for Web technology skills. CIW includes applications and competencies, but our core curriculum focuses on the foundational standards of the Web, including Internet business, networking, Web design, Web development, and Web security.

Consider some of the benefits you can earn with CIW job-role certifications:

  • Obtain the skills and credentials to succeed in your career.
  • Validate and specialize in defined job-role skills.
  • Add industry-recognized credentials to your résumé.
  • Increase your salary and job responsibilities.
  • Distinguish yourself and earn advancement within your organization.
  • Keep your skills up-to-date in the evolving technology world.

Becoming a certified CIW Associate, CIW Specialist or CIW Professional can help you reap great rewards. Many individuals have experienced greater success in their careers after enrolling in CIW courses and earning CIW certifications. CIW certifications verify that you have the skills necessary to master today's technology-driven world. And in today's tough economy, it is imperative that your abilities set you apart in the minds of the hiring managers.

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