About CIW

CIW Academy

CIW Career Academy is the online education division of CIW for self-study students. At CIW Career Academy, we venture well outside the common model of technology education. Instead of trying to fit existing education courses into today's IT career paths, we start with the career and work our way backwards.

We first determine all the skills and credentials that a career in a given technology area requires. By beginning with the desired result of specific skills and knowledge, we can create focused education, training and assessment to reach that goal. Based on determined learning objectives, we develop an industry-endorsed series of vendor-neutral education courses and a high-stakes certification exams that provide and prove competency in each technology area.

At CIW Career Academy, we don't just stop once your initial education is complete. We then provide you with the necessary job placement assistance, career counseling and continued education you need in order to ensure career success. At CIW, we take a holistic approach to career training that not only establishes careers but also advances them.

The unique CIW Academy five-step approach includes:

Step 1 - Education

Once the desired CIW Career Track has been chosen, CIW education is delivered through an online e-learning platform that includes a comprehensive set of online resources to complement the courseware. These CIW Online resources include:

  • CIW Pre-Assessment
  • CIW Video Clips
  • CIW Labs
  • CIW Online Exercises
  • CIW Quizzes
  • CIW Course Mastery Questions and Reviews

Step 2 - Certification

Each CIW course culminates with an industry-recognized professional CIW certification, a strong credential that proves knowledge and competence in specific technology skills. CIW certifications are awarded to those who pass high-stakes proctored CIW certification exams. CIW exams can be taken worldwide through Pearson VUE testing centers, or through our online video proctored exam service. For more information about the steps involved to complete the CIW certification process, please visit the Steps to Earn a CIW Certification page.

Step 3 - Job Placement (U.S. students only)

If you are a CIW student or professional residing in the United States, CIW will provide you with full job placement assistance into your first or next career position. Our job-placement counselors will connect you with job openings appropriate to your skill level, education and professional career goals. Graduates of a CIW Career Academy track receive lifetime job placement assistance from CIW. CIW provides more than just a knowledge foundation that can launch your career—CIW also offers a stepping stone to assist you with career advancement.

Step 4 - Career Counseling

Lifetime career counseling is available to all graduates who successfully complete a CIW Career Track. Our counselors focus on career exploration, career changes, personal career development, career advancement and other career-related issues. A CIW career counselor will assist in putting your qualifications, experience and skills into perspective while considering your desired salary, personal interests, location, job market and further educational possibilities.

Step 5 - Continuing Education

No other industry sector advances faster than information technology. To help you stay up to date with current technologies, CIW offers continuing education through our Monarch program. The CIW Monarch program consists of mini-sized technology courses and exams that cover recent advancements and current trends in technology. CIW Monarch mini-certifications help CIW graduates keep their knowledge and skills current with the latest technologies.

At CIW Career Academy, we focus on the technology standards and job skills that enable students and professionals to build successful careers. No other career program offers the value of CIW education and certification—all at an affordable price.